Managing Director

Anand Gupta

Dr. Anand Gupta

(Managing Director)
Aravali Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Udaipur

Dear Students,

'To Nurse' is to provide care to the sick and this is delivered through decicated people who are educated in a scientific manner about the basics of nursing.

Nursing is not only concerned with the diagnoisis & treatment of human disease but also deals with potential health problems.

If you are the one who has understand the crux of this profession, then Aravali Nursing promises you a career where you will not only earn but also will be able to serve the ailing humanity.

Apart from the elaborate theory sesssionat the school, you will have an opporunity have practical orientation at Aravali Hospital, Noy only you will perform your skills on patients but you will also interact with doctors & senior nursing staff, which wil broaden your horizon further.

Wishing you a promising nursing career...

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Aravali Hospital


Our mission is to bring healthcare and its related services of standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the objectives and goals of the organization since 30 years of excellence in the field of healthcare, research and rendering medical services, for the benefit of humanity. We believe in quality and compassionate care with a human touch. We are here to contribute and promote positive attitude towards the health of an individual.


Our organization is following the path lead on the basis of our experiences which communicates that we deliver the performance which matches the best; we communicate with an open relationships with our staff and every individual; we solve problems; we are proud of what we do well and learn from when we get it wrong; we accept accountability and responsibility right through the organization.

We trust that hospitality brands are built on the promise of the experience. The experience is the branding. This promise or pact remains unchanged with time but the manifestations of this promise need constant refreshment. Relevant and insightful experiences allow the brand to be more relevant, highly differentiated and may remove price as being the sole determinant of consumer choice.

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